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Seedy Days is more than just a hack-a-thon. It’s a grow-ing-thon for your best ideas that are the seeds for tomorrow’s applications. In the soil of our communities, in the microhabitat of our relationships, these seeds can sprout vigorous plants that provide nourishment for real-world needs.

We are now getting ready for our next symbolic garden of possibilities: like-minded people, mentors, swag bags, small prizes and big prizes, brain-storming, heart-warming, and a digital get-together picnic to tie everything together.

Be part of our adventure as a:

A participant takes ownership of a particular garden patch and attempts to solve the problem space the best they can during the hackathon.

A participant takes ownership of a particular garden patch and attempts to solve the problem space the best they can during the hackathon.

A partner is our collaborator who helps consolidate the garden by bringing their expertise in for optimal solutions for variety diversification.

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Seedy Days 2021 Edition

Regrowing after the pandemic

An open invitation to find digital solutions that help rebuild what was lost and nurture what was gained during the pandemic.

It’s helpful to put every seed in the right bucket, so our approach to Regrowing after the pandemic was to plough through the specific problems of:

  • People and their Communities
  • Businesses and the Economy
  • Citizens and their State

The event followed a simple structure:

  1. Teams form during the Gardener Roulette (ideation phase).
  2. Each team takes ownership over an idea or a problem.
  3. Explore, experiment, make a proof of concept and a presentation.
  4. Showcase the solution.
  5. We invite everyone to vote.
  6. The project with the highest score wins.

The grand prize is the best prize ― the opportunity to see your vision come to life. The winning project entered a pilot incubator program by Code11 called The Sprouting Months.

Code11 gives truth to the adage that mighty oaks from little acorns grow. Our goal is to see you get from zero to live, and we offer in our incubator development hours, infrastructure, marketing budget, mentorship, and general support.

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Seedy Days 2021 Projects

DoLi - Doneaza sau Livreaza ( Donate or Deliver)
A meeting platform between beneficiaries and carriers to facilitate the delivery of donated goods.
The solution responds to the logistics problem through the transport between donors and beneficiaries. Their product responded directly to one of the needs confirmed by the Fa Bine Association.
Complete presentation

Voluntari in Educatie (Education Volunteers)
A clear framework for a problem and a solution.
By interviewing on the go thirty-six, the team has generated valuable insights to define the problem of volunteering. Their solution came directly and simply to solve the issues identified, and they obtained validation from Fa Bine Association.

iDOnow ( I donate now)
A complimentary solution for the distribution of donated products.
Their MVP proposes to automate the donation system (matching product/carriers/beneficiary), by adding a financial motivation of the carriers.

Proposes a communication bridge between the medical institutions and the patient's relatives, having the medical file at hand. It is a step forward for the digitisation of the health environment.

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